"With the success of Millepied’s quicksilver “Hearts & Arrows,” I’d like to see a full engagement of L.A. Dance Project. He created this work in 2014, accompanied by Philip Glass’s String Quartet No. 3 (elegantly performed live at the Kennedy Center). “Hearts & Arrows” has a pronounced edge while also being solidly constructed, progressing toward a concluding note of breathtaking poignancy. The eight excellent dancers wore black ankle booties (hooray for added support for high-impact footwork) and shorts or skirts in a graph-paper pattern. Vertical lighting totems struck an industrial note. Amid the sharp angles, Millepied directed the eye to moments of warmth — a woman bounding away from her partner to throw herself protectively in front of the ensemble, guarding them from some evil; a man rising from a tight circle of dancers, as though he’s been birthed by their collective spirit. At the end, as the dancers lined up in progressive states of unfolding, it felt as though we were watching the evolution of something noble, vulnerable and interconnected in the human species."

Sarah L.Kaufman Washington Post, 2017